v3.7.0 Released

Posted September 25, 2013 by Raymond Benc
PF v3.6.0 Highlights

We are pleased to announce that PHPFox version 3.7.0 has been released.

Here are some highlights of what is new with v3.7 based on our recently accepted feature requests.


We are going to introduce the ability for your users to easily tag photos, blogs, threads etc… with hashtags.



Our new MultiAd feature will transform how ads are displayed on your community. It will give your site the ability to display multiple ads in a specific block, plus still allowing you to create custom ads from the AdminCP.


City in Registration Form

We introduce an optional setting that will allow you to include the City input to your registration form.

City in Registration Form

HTML5 Photo Upload

v3.7 introduces support for an HTML5 mass uploader for photos being uploaded within the photo section. The goal is to replace the flash based Massuploader we currently provide with the product.

Live Demo

View this version in action here.


This version can be downloaded directly from our clients area. When you have selected a license and reached the download page look for and tick/select “Download Latest Available Version (3.7.0)”.


Requirements for v3 can be found here.