V3.6.0 (Build5) Released

Posted August 1, 2013 by Raymond Benc


v3.6.0 (build5) maintenance update.

Upgrading from Build4 to Build5

If you are running v3.6.0 (build4) you can upgrade using the conventional method of re-downloading the package and re-uploading all the files within the upload/ folder to your sites root directory.

Another way is you can download this patch here. Unzip and upload the contents within the upload/ folder to your sites root directory. Make sure it overwrites all your old files.

Once you have completed uploading the files with either method, log into your AdminCP and clear your sites cache.

If you don’t know what version or build you are running you can find out by logging into your AdminCP and going to:
Tools >> General >> System Overview
Once you are there look for Core Version.

Upgrading from any version other than v3.6.0(build4)

This requires a conventional upgrade. More information here.

List of Bugs Fixed


List of Modified Files