Upcoming Site Updates & New Staff

We are pleased to announce our team has grown with the addition of 4 developers and with more to come. The very talented, OvalSky will take over as our Lead Developer for our core platform. To support the development of our product we have the awesomeness that Robert and Neil bring to the table. To make sure everything they develop is of quality, Vivian will be taking over as our Quality Control officer.

Version Control

We currently use a public repository on Github for our version control. With the development of our future versions we will be shifting to our internal git repository in order for our development team to have better control over core updates and our QC to monitor and test these changes.

Store Updates

On Wednesday the 25th of November our community will be shut down for a short maintenance window. The store will include several important updates for developers. Clients will also be able to once again rate products and get in touch with developers in a much easier manner.

Modules and Apps will be merged into one section. From the eye of the client they will simply view a product as an App. Developers can decide if they wish to create an App using the Modular or the new App route.

Community Updates

On November 25th our current Community will be shut down for a short maintenance window as well. It will focus on mainly being a support portal for clients, which will include the Forum and a new area for our Knowledgebase, which will allow others to submit articles in order to help others.

Official Support

We currently do not provide official support via a ticketing platform, however our company is expanding and we will be bringing in new resources in order to bring back this option for clients.

Price Changes

On January 1st our product will be split up into several base packages with different feature sets. The pricing takes into account our companies expansion with the addition of new developers and support techs. Additional information in regards to the pricing structure will be released shortly.

Upcoming Releases

4.1.0 is currently in development and will include…

  • Include a new template system
    1. Give site administrators more choice  how their site look & feel.
    2. Give site administrators more space to show up rich content networks.
  • Bring LESS support to module, each modules should write style by LESS. It re-use system style variables to keep all the site look
    1. Helps avoid duplication code
    2. Makes maintenance easier
    3. Allows site administrator to make change style of an Module without modify code.
  • Give LESS support to Apps
    1. Instead of load css separate css file for every installed app, we combine all theme then included to global style file to reduce number of request. It make reduce page loading time.
    2. Make maintenance easier
    3. Allows site administrator to make change style of an App without modify code.
  • Bring back relocation for cover photo (profile and pages)
  • Notification for new feed when user is in home page as V3

The ETA for 4.1.0 is November 23rd.