Testing nginx with PHPFox

Posted March 25, 2013 by Raymond Benc

With the recent announcement “PHPFox v3.6.0 Speed, Security & SEO Improvements” we have been focused on making the product a lot more responsive. Our first step is to look into caching as much information as we can without the need to run unnecessary queries to the database. In the past week this has allowed us to drop the loading time for our activity feed from 2.5 seconds down to 0.9 (note these figures are for PHP execution times). Now this is all sounds good, but can it hold up under pressure from more users? We have 2 server environments setup. One running the common Apache web server and the other Nginx.

Our Apache setup can be found here: http://oncloud.group.ly/
Nginx, can be found here:

Both use the same database and all the content is identical so if you have an account on one you will have the same account on the other. During this week we will be running extensive stress tests on both sites and see which one can handle the load. So far we have seen minor improvements with Nginx on general load times by simply refreshing the page, however we see the benefits when we hit the server with more simultaneous users.

Feel free to test out both sites when you have time and share any differences you can feel between the two.