Site Updates

Today we rolled out some major updates for our site, primarily for Unity, which is paving the way for PHPfox V4. Beta 4 will include Apps & Themes for you to test and try out. We are currently testing Beta 4 with these new updates to Unity and once everything is running smoothly we will release Beta 4 to the public.

PHPFox Forum Archive

We have put our old forum online as an archive for those that want to search for tips provided by the community over the last few years. The data hasn’t been imported to our site and is running on our old product, which is why its currently only open as a read only site.View PHPfox Forum Archive

Searching the Knowledgebase

We rebuilt our search function for our Knowledgebase, allowing you to easily find help for any questions you may have.Try it out

Withdrawing your Earnings

If you are a Techie and selling products within our Store you will soon be able to withdraw your earnings at any time. We had planned on opening this section today with our site update, however we need to run a few more tests to make sure everything is in order.