PHPfox v4 Developers Release

We are pleased to announce the release of version 4 for developers working on modules for PHPfox.

The commercial release of v4 will be ready within the next few weeks. We are working on clearing up the bugs and completing some of our final additions for this release.


For developers working with v3 modules, we advice to start testing your modules and updating them for v4 in preparation for our commercial release.

v4 is based on the same engine as v3 with a re-organization of our folder structure and with the addition of several class files from our future engine for the product. When working with your modules or PHPfox in general, the base path is now located in the folder PF.Base/. This is the same base structure that you will find in v3, with the addition of several new folders.

More information about all the changes will be released shortly once we have updated our main website and community.

We are currently working on migrating our old community, current Q&A and Knowledgebase into a public v4 community using our base product.

Developers Access to v4

You can access the developers build of PHPfox on Github.