PHPfox Neutron 4.2.2 Released (Security Patch)

Our team is releasing this version ahead of our anticipated v4.3 release in order to address a security issue we found in internal testing.  As we needed to release this, we also included a few fixes to some issues we could quickly address for this release. Other issues fixed for 4.3 were already in that build and could not be applied to this version.

Due to this fix, you must run a normal upgrade routine if upgrading as database changes were required. It is important to upgrade to this version as soon as possible. Due to the nature of security releases, a changelog of changed files is not provided.

We updated our Neutron theme with some fixes for this build also. Please be sure to reinstall the Neutron theme if you were using it before(making sure you copy any changes made so you can add them back), in order to get the latest changes. In order to have the fixes work, you will need to open the Bootstrap theme in the theme editor in AdminCP and click the bottom menu on the left and choose Revert theme. Clear cache after. Note that this will completely remove any edits you made to the default theme but it is necessary in order to bring in the fixes. This is the reason we say, never, ever edit the default bootstrap theme. Please ensure to make your own theme before you make any customizations.

Security Patch

The security patch we included with this version is to prevent the viewing of notifications for items that do not exist.

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Issues Resolved