phpFox API v2

Posted January 18, 2013 by Raymond Benc

With the recent release of phpFox v3.5.0 Beta 1 we have included an update to our API. This has opened a lot more functionality from being able to add blogs, threads, events, pages to sending private messages.

Developers can even break away from the conventional “on-site” iframe method and use the new API as a framework for an independent website.

You can run a quick test on some of the new features we provide by signing up for our test APP here:

This APP uses our current v3.5.0 Beta 1 live demo as its base, which can be found here:

This APP is still under development and a lot of it still does not work. Our goal is to include all the functionality we provide and progress will be added over time.

You can find detailed documentation on our new API here: