phpFox 4.2 RC Released

We are pleased to announce the release of phpFox v4.2.0 RC1. This is a Release Candidate (RC) version and is not considered a stable release. If you have recently started a new community, or plan on starting a new community, you can use this version. If you have a currently active site, you would want to upgrade your development site or a local install to test this version.

Find tutorials for enabling the IM/Chat App and the Video App in our new knowledge base. Note that the Amazon CDN method is just the first type of CDN and there will be more coming. Developers can also extend it to other CDNs via Apps.

To check out some of the new features, please see this blog post.

Want to give it a test run without installing to your server? No problem! Visit our test site and explore the front end features.

Found a bug with this version? Please post it at our github issue tracker.

Install Info

We anticipate releasing our stable 4.2.0 version next week so be sure to subscribe to our blog for the announcement! You might want to check with your favorite third party developers to make sure they are updating their apps if needed. On that note, our new developer’s documentation area should be open soon.