phpFox 4.2.1 Released

We are pleased to announce this maintenance release. Please note that if you have v4.2.0 installed, you do need to run the full upgrade routine to bring in any database changes and other changes necessary.

We have also released the Neutron theme for those that were waiting for it. It is found in your AdminCP Theme section in the listings from the store. Please click to Get It if you want that theme for your site.

In this version, you will see in the IM app, an option to choose our new IM hosting, for those that had issues setting up the IM hosting. This is optional and you can choose to host it yourself if using the IM chat. Note that this IM chat does disable the PM mail system as it uses the same sort of set up similar to Facebook messages.

In our previous blog, we had shown a new setting for installing apps which allowed selection of FTP, SSH, or file system and we showed the FTP Settings that allowed clients to save their preferences. This feature had to be brought in for more testing due to a conflict we found at the last minute. It will be brought back in a future release as soon as we work out the kinks. Sorry for the delay in this but we want it working perfectly with everything before adding it to the stable releases.

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Find bugs with this version? Please report them at our Github tracker.

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