phpFox 3.5.0 RC 1 Released

Posted February 18, 2013 by Purefan in phpFox v3

We are pleased to announce that phpFox version 3.5.0 RC 1 has been released.

This is a Release Candidate version and is officially supported by our team. We advice to not upgrade your live community until our product reaches Stable but please upgrade your development site so you can start testing the upgrade script and report any issues to us.

Our next release will be v3.5.0 Stable and is scheduled for March 12th.

To find out what is new with v3.5.0 check out our Beta 2 announcement.

Live Demo

View this version in action here.


This version can be downloaded directly from our clients area. When you have selected a license and reached the download page look for and tick/select “Download Older or Beta/RC Version”. Then select “3.5.0rc1” from the drop down list. During Beta and RC anyone with a valid license will be able to access and download v3.


Requirements for v3 can be found here.