phpFox 3.4.0 Build 2 Released

Posted November 1, 2012 by Raymond Benc

Due to an issue with installing themes and styles based on this bug report, we have released phpFox 3.4.0 Build 2.

Upgrading from v3.4.0 (Stable)

You can download v3.4.0 from our clients area and upload all the files found in the folder upload/ to your sites root directory.

Another method is you can download this patch here. To install the patch, unzip and upload the contents within the upload folder to your sites root directory.

The files that will be replaced are…


Upgrading from any version lower then v3.4.0 (Stable)

This includes any beta or RC versions of v3.4.0. This requires a normal upgrade. More information can be found here.