phpFox 3.2.0 RC1 Released

Posted April 25, 2012 by Raymond Benc in phpFox v3

We are pleased to announce that phpFox version 3.2.0 RC1 has been released.

This will be the final release candidate before this version goes stable.

Please note that this is an RC (Release Candidate) release and even with it being supported by our team we advice those upgrading from older phpFox versions to wait until Stable. We are providing the service to upgrade clients sites now for those that feel safe to upgrade to an RC version.

With this release we have included the features accepted here.

In addition to those features we have also added a new area where you can view some general site stats. This can be accessed from your AdminCP by going to Tools >> Site Statistics. Currently this page is setup to show how many items you have for each section such as blogs, photos, videos etc… It also includes a daily average based on when your site went live. You can control when your site goes live by editing the global setting “Official Launch Date (Month/Day/Year)”.

We also developed a cover photo feature that works similar to that of Facebook. This feature will basically allow your users to easily upload a cover photo for their profile. This can be enabled/disabled for specific user groups.

Live Demo

View this version in action here.


This version can be downloaded directly from our clients area. When you have selected a license and reached the download page look for and tick/select “Download Older or Beta/RC Version”. Then select “3.2.0Rrc1” from the drop down list. During Beta and RC anyone with a valid license will be able to access and download v3.


Requirements for v3 can be found here.