Introducing PHPFox UHost and OnCloud

Posted March 18, 2013 by Raymond Benc

In 2010 we had introduced, however at the time we had to put the project on-hold as we felt the product wasn’t ready for what we were trying to accomplish. With the release of v3 the ability to provide a load balanced hosted solution to clients became a possibility and in the last few months we picked up on the project and with the recent launch of v3.5.0 we are ready to announce it to the public.

The product, which we currently release and it is what all of our clients are using will be called UHost. This is a licensed version of our product, which will be hosted on your own web server. In addition to that we plan on launching OnCloud, which will the same product we provide and develop for UHost; however we will host the product for you.

UHost and OnCloud will use the same core product and everything we develop will targeted for both products. The key difference between the two is that OnCloud clients will have several restrictions, while UHost clients have no restrictions. One key restriction is that OnCloud clients do not get access to the source code. They will only get access to the PHPFox Admin Control Panel.

To further explain, we have put together a FAQ…

What does this mean for current UHost license holders?
OnCloud in no way slows down development for UHost as both use the same product and will use the same stable version. We will offer nothing special to OnCloud. Everything developed for OnCloud our UHost clients will have access to. Since optimization is important to OnCloud we have been working on ways to load balance the product and these same techniques can be used by UHost as it is all part of the core product.

Can OnCloud clients install add-ons?
Conventional add-ons that our currently sold, the answer to that is No. Our focus will be Apps. The docs for Apps can be found here:

What domain will be used for OnCloud?
The default domain name for OnCloud clients will be “”.

Can I use my own domain name on OnCloud?
We plan to offer 3 plans and on our Pro plan you will be able to use your own domain name.

Can themes be installed on OnCloud?

Can OnCloud clients upload videos?
You can share videos via sites like YouTube and if you want your users to upload videos to your site you need to use a 3rd party service called We have a built-in plug-in that works with and everyone has access to this feature. This feature allows clients to upload videos in virtually any video format and converts it so it can be viewed in any operating system, browser or mobile device.

Can OnCloud clients upload music?
No, due to space restrictions and copyright laws we are disabling the music module for OnCloud clients.

Do OnCloud clients own their data?

Can OnCloud clients export their data?
Yes, this will be possible. It is currently not technically possible but we will develop this option in case clients want to move on to a normal hosting setup.

Who are we targeting with OnCloud?
OnCloud is being designed for startups and smaller social networks. There will be several limitations imposed on OnCloud. Once a site grows an OnCloud client can get a cloud based or dedicated server and convert into a UHost client.

What limitations will OnCloud have?
At this time the limitations on OnCloud will be how many members your site can have, total number of Administrators, space usage, no source code access, no music module. We plan to provide 3 plans and some plans will have restrictions on having no ad module, no membership billing, forced branding, no ticket support. Note, these restrictions are subject to change as we are still developing OnCloud.

What will OnCloud and UHost cost?
The pricing for UHost will not change. As for OnCloud we will announce the pricing of each plan once we get closer to launch the product. We can confirm that OnCloud will be a monthly fee.

Can I help test OnCloud?
You sure can. We are currently running a development site here:
Bug reports can be reported here:

What stage are you at with development of OnCloud?
We are now working on optimizing the product, which will benefit both OnCloud and UHost.

If you have any questions just let us know.

Have a great week!