inFocus – How to Create a Site with Pinterest Features

Posted March 29, 2013 by data66

This inFocus will deal with How to Create a Site with Pinterest Features using PHPFox and also give suggestions on some third party Add-ons to get when creating this site. Want a discount on Pins? Read this full article to see how to get a 33% discount!


In order to set up your site for the Pins add on features, you will need to disable blocks on the visitor page if you are displaying the pins on the visitor page of your site.

Deactivate or remove blocks

Once you have disabled the blocks on the home page, you would then want to configure your settings for it in AdminCP if there are any settings for the particular Pins module you have purchased. Since there are so many different Pins modules available, we will not go into specifics for AdminCP settings.

We will highlight some of the Pins modules available at this time but note that new modules/features are added periodically to this developer’s Pins add ons so this article will not contain all Pins modules/features.

Pins Add Ons

Some of the Pins Add-Ons are listed here. The ones you would need would depend upon your site niche. We include just a basic tip from the developer in regards to some of these Pins and blocks that might need to be disabled in order to display them properly. There are quite a few Pins extensions, so to keep this from being too long we will highlight a few just so you can see some. We encourage you to visit the developer’s demos to get a good idea of all that this module offers!

      Show shared elements on your site using Pinterest style. This version of Pins is a good starting point for your budget. Note that there is an advanced version of Pins, listed below, that has a lot of extensions and options.


      Browse members in a pinterest-like layout with filters by gender and country.


      Add a Pinterest looking theme to your site. From the developer’s description:
      “Clean white and gray template inspired by simplicity of and”


      Note that with this purchase you will need to purchase at least one Pins Module Extension to go with it as this is just the main Pin part of the Pins Advanced Modules. We recommend you visit the developer’s demo to get a feel for everything this module offers.
      Pins Advanced Module as described by the developer:
      “There are filters and a search form.
      There is not any special configuration to do, just install and play.
      You can define the size of pins on CSS, or you can define how many items per page show and which media shows from AdminCP.”


      From the developer’s add on description:
      “Provide your users an attractive media viewing & browsing experience for all Shared Media (such as photo, video, blog, poll, quiz, forum, marketplace, music, event, user status update and many others default media or third party).
      Just install this on your website to take Media Browse to the next level. Provides great user experience using pretty Photo or PHPFox Theater mode. Well designed and coded taking in mind performance and the extensibility with all media.”
      The Profile Pins replaces the profile activity feed of PHPFox so for this you would disable the default PHPFox profile feed. The same holds true for Wall Pins – you would disable the PHPFox main feed to show wall pins.


      An example of the Pins for Photos shows how your photos can display when using the Pins Module.


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      Enjoy your pins!
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