Future of PHPfox

It has been a very eventful week with the move from www.phpfox.com to our new home. We are still working on updating several parts of our site, but things are running much smoother now.

With the move to a new domain this has led to some confusion on the future of PHPfox, we are here to assure you that future is very strong and very much alive. PHPfox has been our flagship product for many years and we plan to keep it that way.


The future for PHPfox holds v4, which will be a slimmed down version of v3. Since it uses the same engine as v3 all the current modules being sold on the market will work. Nothing in this area has changed. By slimming down the product this simply means we have removed many of our core modules and trimmed a lot of the code base to be a lighter social framework, thus the recent reduction in our price tag.

v4 will also include a new theme that is responsive. Current themes that are developed for v3 will have to be updated to take this into account.


v4 will also include support for Unity, which we introduced at the launch of Moxi9. Unity is an API framework that allows developers to create Apps on their own servers, without the need to touch anything on a client’s server. All API transactions are done via secure servers that we provide and based on a set of API calls. Each transaction between a client’s site and a developer’s server is done via our server so each party will be unknown to each other.

Developers cannot send or receive API calls directly to and/or from a client’s site. The existence of callbacks that a developer can do is nonexistent with Unity since all work is done on the developer’s server.

We want to outline some of the key benefits our app system has over the current method of creating products.

  • Developers do not need to worry about each client’s web server requirements.
  • Developers can develop in any programming language they want. They are not bound to PHP. This opens the door to a wave of new developers.
  • Developers can fix issues on the spot. They will not have to worry about updating all their products and have their clients download their new versions.
  • Clients don’t have to worry about security related issues with products, since nothing is on their servers.
  • Clients deal with less server load since this is all handled by the apps themselves. This means each app is load balanced thus making a client’s site much lighter to navigate.
  • Easy to install/uninstall. It will be as simple as a click of a button and it’s instant.
  • No more piracy. Developers don’t have to worry that their products are being pirated.
  • Clients do not need to worry about what an app is doing in relation to their database and if they are sending any callbacks. Developers can only access your site’s information based on a set of API calls. None of these calls include sensitive information such as a user’s password or email.

Current Modules

Unity is an option developers and clients can take. You are not forced to use this upcoming system. You can still install and use modules that have been designed for v3. You can find most of these modules on phpfox.org.

If you have modules installed now with v3 and would upgrade to v4 they should work. No modifications to these modules should be needed. v4 is built on the same engine as v3 and modules that worked with v3 should work with v4. We mention the word “should” because we cannot take into account every module and how they are developed. We know some modules modify our core and these sort of modules would of course have to be updated to take into account the new files we include. We speak in general that modules will work without any major changes to it and as a prime example many of our modules are being dropped from the default product. This is part of the slimming down. With these modules gone, it does not mean they will stop working nor will we stop releasing them, they simply will not be included as a default part of the product. The modules we remove that you currently still have installed in v3 will work once v4 is released.

The modules we plan on removing, which at this point is hard to state as we are still running tests on v4, will not just be swept under the rug and forgotten. They will be put on Github to open the doors of PHPfox to a brand new world of developers. To spark their interest in the product and assist in the constant development and improvement of these modules.

Accessing Support

Clients can access our support at our new helpdesk: