Feature Set for v3.5.0

Posted November 1, 2012 by Purefan in phpFox v3

We are pleased to announce the feature set for v3.5.0.

The selected features are…

    1. Delete original uploaded photo after it’s been re-sized
    2. “Remove Friend” Link
    3. Hide Admin Account
    4. The Likes is not enough
    5. Spam Stopping Security Question
    6. Urgent Privacy Concerns: User Browse Options 1 of 2
    7. Marketplace listings set to expire after x-amout of days
    8. Blogs for Pages
    9. Add Timline to Pages similarly as facebook in phpfox powered sites
    10. Use iframe youtube api and not object

Like most of the features we have developed thus far with our current development cycle we are trying our best to make all features optional and disabled by default in many cases. So when a new feature is introduced you can enable it if you want.

There are also three feature requests that we need to get more feedback from:

  1. Activity Wall- Location Check-In
  2. A Better Photo Album System
  3. CDN option not to keep files on server