Feature Set for v3.3.0

Posted April 20, 2012 by Raymond Benc

We are pleased to announce the feature set for v3.3.0 have been selected.

The selected features are…

Like the features we have developed thus far with our current development cycle we are trying our best to make all features optional and disabled by default in many cases. So when a new feature is introduced you can enable it if you want.

In addition to those features we will be working on improving SEO with our product. With each new version we will also be looking into ways to improve SEO and with this version we will include…

The estimate release dates for v3.2.0 and v3.3.0 are…

  • v3.2.0(RC1) – May 2nd
  • v3.2.0(Stable) – May 9th
  • v3.3.0(Beta1) – June 20th