Developer Info Regarding V4 Apps

In a recent post, our great and powerful Wizard of Fox (Raymond) inadvertently missed putting in a few details which has created a bit of confusion regarding “modules” and “apps”. As he’s currently chained to a desk coding, he asked me to clarify things a bit.

Our upcoming V4.2 release will include the merger of Modules and Apps which will, at that time, allow developers to choose whether to make an App or a Module. At that time, both will install just like Apps do now and clients won’t see any difference in installation method.

We will release a guide and a sample module at that time so that third party developers will be able to make their products with the new installation method. For now, please don’t submit V4 Modules as we won’t be able to accept those until they can install directly from AdminCP like Apps do.

Thank you for your patience while we make our phpFox script an awesome social networking script!