Accepted Features for v3.7.0

Posted July 11, 2013 by Raymond Benc

With future version of PHPFox we wanted to lower the total number of features being included with each new version and instead focus on rolling out new versions a lot faster. We will try this out with v3.7.0. We are going to be working on adding 4 new features. The development and bug testing time will be a lot shorter then previous versions, which will allow us to start working on v3.8.0 and the next batch of features a lot sooner. This new cycle should also allow us to keep the product stable and at the same time introduce a constant stream of new features, without the long waits.

At this time we will not reset the feature request count until we accept the features for v3.8.0 and v3.9.0.


1) Hash tags. We will include the optional feature that will allow users to include hash tags in their posts and will later allow users the ability to search for specific hash tags as well as view the current trending topics.

2) City in Registration

3) Rewrite Support

4) Facebook Ad Module for our websites